What I’m Growing in 2018

Here is a lovely list of everything I want to try and grow this year on the allotment and in the greenhouse;

Brassicas: Red Cabbage – Rouge Tete Noir, Kale – Nero de Toscana, Kale – Curley Scarlet, Turnip – Milan White, Cabbage – Brunswick, Cauliflower – Romanesco, Celeriac – Giant Prague.

Broad Beans: Aquadulce Claudia, De Monica, Stafford (HSL), Grano Violetto.

Carrots: Atomic Red, Purple Haze, Yellowstone, Nantes 5, White Satin.

Climbing Beans: Rattlesnake, Blue Lake, Melbourne’s Miniature (HSL), Sarah’s Old Fashioned Black (HSL), Lab Lab Bean – Yings (HSL).

Courgettes and Summer Squash: Costata Romanesco, Early Prolific Straightneck.

Cucumbers: Jordanian (HSL), Chengeloy, Dragon’s Egg, Muncher.

Dwarf Beans (Mainly For Drying): Hutterite Soup,  Hidatsa Red, Ojo de Tigre.

Leeks: Blue Solaise, Musselbrugh.

Melons: Green Nutmeg, Collective Farm Woman.

Others: Kiwano, Tomatillo – Green, Achocha – Fat Baby, Cucamelon, Aubergine – Little Sailor.

Peas: Early Onward, Hurst Green Shaft,

Peppers (Hot): Cayenne, Bolivian Rainbow, Sweet Aji.

Peppers (Sweet): Lipstick, N. Napia

Perennial Bed: Jerusalem Artichokes, Daubenton’s Kale, Skirret, Nine Star Cauliflower, Babingtons Leek, Caucasian Spinach.

Potatoes: Sarpo Mira, Desiree, Swift, King Edward, Blue Danube.

Pumpkins: Galeux D’Eysinee

Other Roots: Beetroot – Dobbies Purple (HSL), Beetroot – Mulatka, Celery – Full White, Celery – Giant Red.

Salads: Leef Beet, Sorrel, Mizuna, Pak Choi, Lettuce – Little Gem, Lettuce – Lollo Rosso, Lettuce – All Year Round, Calallo – Mr Jefwa, Rocket, Mibuna, Huauzontle, Bunching Onion – Red Beard, Salad Onion – Feast, Radish – Red Flesh, Radish – Mixed, Radish – Rats Tail.

Squashes (Winter): Anna Swartz, Victor, Brazilian Moranga, Queensland Blue, Chiriman.

Sweetcorn: Double Standard

Tomatoes: Lemon Tree, Homosa (HSL), Berkeley Tie Dye, Michael Pollan. 

Tubers: Yacon.