What I’m Growing 2016

A lovely list of everything that I’m growing this year in my allotment plot and greenhouse;

Brassicas: Red Cabbage – Rouge Tete Noir, Kale – Redbor, Kale – Nero de Toscana, Kale – Curley Scarlet, Swede – Tweed, Turnip – Petroski, Cabbage – Greyhound, Brocoli – Early Purple Sprouting, Mooli – Mino Early, Kohl Rabi – Purple Delicacy.

Broad Beans: Imperial Longpod, Leidse Hangdown.

Carrots: Atomic Red, Purple Haze, Yellowstone, Nantes 5, Belgium White.

Climbing Beans: Blauhilde, Yardlong, Neckargold, Blue Lake.

Courgettes: De Nice a Rond, Striato de Napoli, Tromboncino.

Cucumbers: Wautoma, Kheera, Cornichon de Paris, Mandurin Round.

Dwarf Beans (Mainly For Drying): Hutterite Soup,  Black Turtle, Pinto, Black Eyed, Cannelini, Black Eyed.

Leeks: Blue Solaise, Musselbrugh, Jolent.

Melons: Melba, Outdoor Wonder, Sharks Fin (Hongs), Watermelon – Blacktail Mountain.

Others: Kiwano, Tomatillo – Purple, Achocha – Fat Baby, Edible Dahlias, Cape Gooseberry.

Peas: Kelvedon Wonder, Shiraz, Markana.

Peppers (Hot): Cayenne, Bolivian Rainbow, Serrano.

Peppers (Sweet): Mixed Cool, Sweet Romano.

Perennial Bed: Jerusalem Artichokes, Daubenton’s Kale, Skirret, Nine Star Cauliflower, Globe Artichokes.

Potatoes: TBD

Roots: Parsnip – Tender and True, Parsip – Guernsey Demi-long Root Parsley – Orbis, Salsify – Sandwich Island, Beetroot – Cylindra, Beetroot – Chioggia, Celeriac – Monarch, Celery – Full White, Celery – Giant Red.

Salads: Agretti, Rainbow Chard, Sorrel, Mizuna, Pak Choi, Lettuce – Little Gem, Spinach Beet, Lettuce – Lollo Rosso, Lettuce – All Year Round, Calallo – Mr Jefwa, Rocket, Mibuna.

Squashes (Winter): Blue Hubbard, Black Futsu, Thelma Sanders, Blue Kuri, Red Kuri, Sibley, Invincible.

Sweetcorn: Double Standard, Golden Bantam Dolce.

Tomatoes (Greenhouse): Chipano, Super Marmande, Black Plum, Scotland Yellow, Yellow Pear, Green Zebra, Orange Russian, White Beauty.

Tomatoes (Outdoor): Golden Sunrise, Koralik, Totem, Mountain Pride.

Tubers: Oca (A selection from last years Oca trial), Ulluco, Yacon.

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  1. Dreamwalker says:

    Wow that is some spread sheet list 🙂 Impressive 🙂


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