Documenting my adventures in growing hopefully interesting and sometimes unusual edibles in my greenhouse and allotment plot. Also, I have a particular fondness for Winter Squash and Perennial Vegetables….

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  1. Dreamwalker says:

    Thank you for following my Gardening Blog over at Dreamwalker’s Garden.. Lovely to see your updates and what you are growing.


  2. Thanks for checking out and following my blog, I look forward to seeing what you grow, I have just ordered some beautiful purple cayenne and black chillies which will be a first for me.


    1. Sounds exciting, let me know how you get on with them!

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  3. Grower says:

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog 🙂 I’m a squash fan, too. Looking forward to your future posts. I like your “What I’m Growing” page and may borrow the idea some time. Happy gardening!


  4. Gillian says:

    Thanks for the follow! I’m looking forward to reading more about your vegetables and fruit. Do you grow flowers and herbs too?


  5. em0navari says:

    Hello, thank you for visiting and following my blog. Very cool veges that you’e growing. I look forward to learning from your journey.


  6. SRF says:

    Thanks for following One Squirrel Hollow. I enjoy your blog and all the interesting veggies that you grow. Keep it coming.


  7. Hey Modern Veg Plot!

    I love you and have nominated you for The Liebster Award! (it’s a blogger to blogger award)… Hopefully you’ll accept! The link is here: http://holefoodfamily.com/2015/11/27/the-liebster-award/

    Thanks for the blogs!

    With love & all good wishes,


  8. Thank you for following my blog! Yours looks great 🙂 I like the post on Jerusalem artichokes; I’ll be sure to re-visit soon.


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