Ready, Set, Grow!

After holding off for a couple of weeks since the start of April, I finally took the plunge this week and sowed my Giant Pumpkin seeds from Matthew Oliver. As with all of my Cucurbit seeds, they were sown about three centimetres deep in damp seed compost and then placed in the heated propagator.

Seeds sown! Boom!

After a remarkably quick three days, both Giant Pumpkin seeds had germinated and they were starting to soak up the sun! My plan now is to transfer them to individual five litre pots and keep them in the greenhouse during the day. Once they have developed a couple of true leaves then I’ll think about planting them out under cloches.

Ready, set, grow!

This week, I also sowed the rest of my Winter Squash and Pumpkins. As usual, I’m trying several new varieties this year along with a couple of my favourites. In particular, I’m looking forward to trying Winter Squash –  Kakai which I received from Beryl as it has hull-less seeds which are supposedly excellent for roasting. All told, this year I’m growing;

Squashes (Winter): Blue Hubbard, Dishpan Cushaw, Thelma Sanders, Turks Turban, Chicago Warted Hubbard, Sibley, Kakai.

Pumpkins: Luxury Pie, Rouge vif d’etampes, Giant Pumpkin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, sowing Squash!

For anyone else that is trying to grow a Giant Pumpkin this year, have you sown it yet? Don’t forgot to use the #GiantPumpkin hashtag and join in with our very friendly competition! As always, I’d love to know what everyone else has been sowing, growing or harvesting this week. So please let me know please in the comments or via Twitter.

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  1. Its amazing how quickly Pumpkins germinate.. I set 6 seeds that I dried from our granddaughters Halloween Pumpkin she and I scraped out in the Autumn.. All germinated very quickly too. 🙂
    Happy Gardening!


    1. It really is, I was surprised that it happened so quickly! Good luck with your pumpkins.

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      1. Thank you .. Happy Gardening.


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