Giant Pumpkin Growing Competition!

As I wrote in February, I’ve been inspired by Matthew Oliver and I’m going to try growing a giant pumpkin for the first time this year. Several other folks in the ever so lovely Twitter gardening community have also expressed an interest and decided to have a go at growing a giant pumpkin as well this year. With this in mind, I want to present the first annual Twitter Giant Pumpkin Growing Competition!


This rules of this extremely light-hearted competition are straightforward:

  1. The heaviest homegrown pumpkin at the end of the 2017 growing season will be declared the winner and receive the fabulous grand prize.
  2. The fabulous grand prize is a year of giant pumpkin bragging rights on Twitter along with a lifetimes supply of self pride.
  3. Gratuitous artsy photography and meticulous documentation of the giant pumpkin growing process is heavily encouraged using the hashtag #GiantPumpkin

If you’re interested in taking part, please let me know as I’m aiming to post a regular roundup of giant pumpkin growing shenanigans. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing everyones progress using the hashtag #GiantPumpkin.

My giant pumpkin seeds ready to be sown.

As far as my own giant pumpkin attempt is concerned, I have a well manured bed marked out at the allotment and I’m planning on sowing my seeds in a couple of weeks.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Allotmental says:

    I don’t have Twatter but I will be attempting a giant pumpkin 🎃


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