Ready, Set, Sow!

It’s that wonderful time of year again when seed sowing can begin in earnest and every windowsill in the house is packed with tiny little seedlings. I don’t tend to sow anything before the start of March and so this last week has been a flurry of activity having sowed most of my chillis, tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos in my shiny new heated propagator.

Sowing tomatoes from #SeedCircle16 and the HSL

As part of the wonderful Twitter #SeedCircle16, I got plenty of exciting new varieties of chillis and tomatoes to try. In the propagator right now I have;

Tomatoes – Scotland Yellow, Veepro Paste, Purple Ukraine, Cuban Flower, Red Buffalo Horn, Maskotka, Big Yellow Zebra, Tiger Cherry, Galina.

Chillis and Peppers – Cayenne, Bolivian Rainbow, Loco, Sweet Aji, Albertos Locato, Trepadiera Werner, King of thr North, Sheepnose.

Tomatillos – Rio Grande Verde, Purple.

In the greenhouse, I’ve also started an early crop of both peas (Markhana) and broadbeans (Imperial Longpod). Hopefully, these should be ready for planting out in a few weeks once the soil has started to warm up.

Sowing Peas – Markhana

As always, I’d love to know what everyone else has been sowing, growing or harvesting this week. So please let me know please in the comments or via Twitter.

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  1. I am SO behind in my sowing, had planned to do a few at the end of Feb but didn’t have enough time! Did a few brassicas, peas and leeks yesterday though 🙂 so nice to get in the garden sowing again xx


    1. It is indeed, so very satisfying to sow those first seeds of the year.

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  2. Andy says:

    I sowed my tomatoes at the beginning of January in a heated greenhouse. Normal years I start early March. In fact I started all sorts from Kale, lettuce, broad beans, peas, Wong Bok, chard, spinach, spring onion, peppers, Basil , broccoli, cauliflower, Mustard leaves under a grow light in January. So glad I did as it’s extended my season by 2 months. My lettuces are not far from being ready to eat. After the greenhouse they go into the poly tunnel.

    Peas self seeded and germinated in early Feb outside so I sowed them in Mid Feb myself. Broad beans are happily growing with garlic, onion etc outside.

    Of course, I now have a problem regarding a full greenhouse and I want to start my normal sowing now – if it’s not one problem it’s another – space.

    I’m attempting to grow all year round this year. So far so good. The extra electricity (about £17 per month) has been well worth it for heat and light considering the hours of enjoyment I’ve had from it.


    1. I’m very jealous, having both grow lights and a heated greenhouse is a brilliant setup! Good luck with trying to grow all year round, I think the main challenge with that is planning and sowing the right crops and varieties at the right time.


  3. We have only sow chillis, broadbeans and garlic so far, and we had a bit of a disaster with the chillis, I bought a mix of different varieties from ebay and they came all mixed up, I was gutted! I will have a look at the seedcircle on twitter, that sounds fab


    1. The seed circle is great, a brilliant and almost no cost way of getting a whole range of self-saved seeds.


  4. I sow 85 different seed! To many for my garden – but it is FUN…


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