What I’m Growing in 2017

After many evenings perusing seed catalogues, afternoons excitingly coming home to find glorious envelopes of seeds have arrived in the post and taking part in the brilliant Twitter #SeedCircle16. Here is a lovely list of everything I want to try and grow this year on the allotment and in the greenhouse;

Brassicas: Red Cabbage – Rouge Tete Noir, Kale – Nero de Toscana, Kale – Curley Scarlet, Kale – Spis Bladene, Swede – Tweed, Turnip – Petroski, Cabbage – Brunswick, Brocoli – Early Purple Sprouting, Mooli – Mino Early, Kohl Rabi – Purple Delicacy.

Broad Beans: Aquadulce Longpod, Leidse Hangdown.

Carrots: Atomic Red, Purple Haze, Yellowstone, Nantes 5, White Satin.

Climbing Beans: Blauhilde, Green Noodle, Neckargold, Viola de Cornetti.

Courgettes: De Nice a Rond, Tondo de Piacenza.

Cucumbers: Wautoma, Kheera, Muncher.

Dwarf Beans (Mainly For Drying): Hutterite Soup,  Black Turtle, Pinto, Black Eyed, Cannelini, Black Eyed, Hidatsa Red, Ojo de Tigre.

Leeks: Blue Solaise, Musselbrugh.

Melons: Green Nutmeg, Golden Sweet, Melba.

Others: Kiwano, Tomatillo – Purple, Achocha – Fat Baby, Cape Gooseberry.

Peas: Kelvedon Wonder, Shiraz, Markana.

Peppers (Hot): Cayenne, Bolivian Rainbow, Loco, Sweet Aji, Albertos Locato, Trepadiera Werner.

Peppers (Sweet): King of the North, Sheepnose.

Perennial Bed: Jerusalem Artichokes, Daubenton’s Kale, Skirret, Nine Star Cauliflower, Globe Artichokes.

Potatoes: Sarpo Mira, Desiree, Swift, King Edward, Blue Danube.

Pumpkins: Luxury Pie, Rouge vif d’etampes, Giant Pumpkin

Other Roots: Parsley – Orbis, Salsify – Sandwich Island, Beetroot – Boldor, Beetroot – Sanguina, Celeriac – Monarch, Celery – Full White, Celery – Giant Red.

Salads: Agretti, Rainbow Chard, Sorrel, Mizuna, Pak Choi, Lettuce – Little Gem, Spinach Beet, Lettuce – Lollo Rosso, Lettuce – All Year Round, Calallo – Mr Jefwa, Rocket, Mibuna.

Squashes (Winter): Blue Hubbard, Dishpan Cushaw, Thelma Sanders, Turks Turban, Chicago Warted Hubbard, Sibley, Kakai.

Sweetcorn: Special Swiss, Strawberry Popcorn.

Tomatoes: Scotland Yellow, Veepro Paste, Purple Ukraine, Cuban Flower, Red Buffalo Horn, Maskotka, Big Yellow Zebra, Tiger Cherry, Galina.

Tubers: Oca, Ulluco, Yacon.

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  1. Allotmental says:

    A very interesting selection 😁


  2. methylgrace says:

    That is very ambitious! My veg plot is 10′ x 20′. I would have to scale this down quite a bit. I tried salsify but it didn’t germinate; need fresher seed. We don’t have proper allotments in the USA, and our city P-patches are only about 400 square feet (and I was SO going to reply to Sally Nix’s article in The Garden a year ago about how standard UK sized allotments aren’t even big enough to support enough veg for a family, but I never did.). Nice to see your comment on The Anxious Gardener’s post.


  3. What is this #SeedCircle16 you talk of? It sounds good! Great selection of veggies, I look forward to seeing your progress 🙂


    1. It was a seed circle run by Beryl from https://mudandgluts.com/, each person saved enough of a couple of varieties of seeds for everyone else in the seed circle.

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  4. cavershamjj says:

    Wow that’s a lotta veg. Will you be able to cram all that into a regular allotment plot? I’m constrained to 3 8’x4′ beds in the garden – I’m on the list for an allotment but it’s years to get one round here.


    1. I tend to grow only a small amount of everything so it just about fits into my allotment!


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